Does Environmentalism have to be so bleak?

You know what I am tired of?


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Hello to the world!

I’m new to the world of blogging. I’ve been thinking about it for a bit, but I got hung up on what to call my blog. After a year of thinking, I got it- The Science Hippie blog! I wanted to combine my love of nature with my love of science!

One of the main things I hope to tackle is the difference between environmentalism and environmental science. It seems that many of the hot topics of environmentalism are misrepresented by media, especially social media. I hope to either debunk, or at least show the science behind these topics. I love to learn and compare different news articles. I will do my best to link to trusted news and science organizations, instead of click-baity and pseudo-news pages.

My main focus is conservation- I’m a big fan of nature- animals, plants and everything outdoors! I am also very interested in the hot topics of GMOs, agriculture, ¬†climate change, and energy. If you have a topic you’ve seen in the news, send it my way please!

There may also be some fun informal posts too! I love adventuring, taking pictures of plants and animals (with my phone, I’m no professional!), sharing fun ideas and maybe even some recipes- especially odd ones and/or vegetarian ones!

Please call me out if you see anything wrong, but back this up with a trust worthy source too! See you around!